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Dungeon Designer PC

A Pen-and-PC Role Playing Aid for advanced dungeon and scene visualization to help transport players into the moment.

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Dungeon Echo

A service which gives subscribers access to monthly bonus content and assets, as well as 100 Mysterious Runes per month.

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Jan 2023

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    Jan 2023


    Buy a game key and start designing. Take advantage of exciting promotional offers. Buy Dungeon Echo updates only if you want them.


    Dungeon Designer game, 100 Mysterious Runes, monthly bonus content via Dungeon Echo Subscription

    Level Up

    Dungeon Designer Game, Exclusive *Dungeon Painter* software add-on, 500 Mysterious Runes, free monthly bonus content, Dungeon Designer SDK and Dungeon Echo Subscription


    Dungeon Designer is a easy to use Fantasy architecture wizard. A user can build intricate RPG map geometrties by selecting object meshes and animations from an ever expanding library of content updates. Dungeon Designer also has RPG tools and templates which aid measuring distances and calibrating area affects or weapon ranges for use with virtually any Pen and Paper or tabletop system. Through the use of Dungeon Echo service, a DM can add their own objects or creations into their content library*. If a user purchases Dungeon Designer Leveled Up edition, it comes with the added perk of Dungeon Painter, a PBR Mesh painting tool, trully allowing for infinite creations.